Bless You!

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What’s better than receiving money? The hope of getting even more money!

Bless You! is the all-occasion magikal money packet, so you can gift anyone money, blessings and lucky numbers.

Great for weddings, festive celebrations, baby showers, birthdays, funerals, not-the-father-parties, amicable alimonies, the i-don’t-care-enough-to-make-time-to-find-you-presents, house warmings, global warmings, rental payments, hush payments, and more!

* Each pack comes in a set of 5.

**Works with all SGD notes. We think.

*** We heard that if you say the 4-digit number 4 times in front of the mirror at 4:44pm, a random drunk cheekopek at a kopitiam will start weeping, have an existential crisis, break up with his mistress and buy cheng tng back for his wife, all by midnight.

**** All rights of manually-procedurally-generated proprietary technology and huating mechanisms owned by AAAH HAUS.

Art: Shian
Words: RJ Gao

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