Aaah House

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Meet Wingdings, a high-flying mischief-making crow draped in feathers as dark as its humour. With eyes that twinkle in satirical mischief, Wingdings unique "aaah" call echoes the sarcastic tone woven into the fabric of Aaah House. Imagine a feathered friend with a flair for irony, its cawing commentary serving as a satirical soundtrack to the absurdity of life. When things get a bit too serious, Wingdings is there to remind everyone that a dose of laughter, even of the dark variety, is the best medicine.

Every crow is a feathery surprise package, brimming with its own unique name and dazzling colors! Choose a name that tickles your fancy and embrace the unpredictability, making each adoption into a delightful adventure.

Handmade by Bungle Jym
Limited Edition of 30 only

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